Personal Stories - Mr B's story

Mr B is an elderly person with low mobility, suffering from joints and knee problems. Following a move to a new property, he discovered that some of the appliances were not safe to use. Mr B burnt himself on a few occasions whilst using the hob, due to spills and unsafe knobs which needed refitting.

The client purchased a new electric induction hob, aware that he may have a more serious accident by continuing to use the old appliance. Searching online for a reputable tradesman to install the new hob, he came across the details of his local home improvement agency, Care and Repair Northamptonshire.

The HIA staff removed the gas hob, capped off the gas supply and completed a gas safety check on the boiler. As the client was on a low income, all the works carried out were funded through the Gas Safe Charity Hardship Fund.

Following the services delivered by the HIA, the client is now feeling safer in the kitchen and high-spirited, as he is able to cook fresh, healthy foods for himself, rather than relying on ready meals.

Mr B said: “I am absolutely delighted about the work you completed. The technician, Paul, is such a nice and friendly guy, I’ll give him 10/10. I feel much safer in the kitchen now, the hob controls are much easier to use. Previously, my saucepans could tip over and I got burnt, so I had stopped cooking on the hob, but now I feel much safer in the kitchen. Thank you so much for the work you have paid for on my behalf.”

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