Procurement frameworks are an excellent way of saving money for your clients and time for yourself when delivering adaptations.

There are existing framework agreements out there, where the work has already been done to make the process EU compliant. So if you need a particular product instead of having to procure it yourself you can buy it directly through a pre-existing framework. For example, if you want a stairlift agreement you can approach the company directly through the framework company. We have links with Procurement for Housing and can facilitate this and other agreements for you. For lifts, there is a main provider that won the original tender so that you can liaise directly with them.

We also have a selection of Schedules of Rates showing how you can set up your own agreement directly with one or more companies. Normally you would have to do this with the agreement of the Council if you are procuring for Disabled Facilities Grants. Our advice is to start with level access showers whereby the product is clear and simple and makes up the majority of DFGs. Once you have set up the schedule you can invite companies to tender and then agree a common price for each product. Other methods also exist but this is the most common. Once the price is agreed you can then call off the contractors in turn off the framework. Prices can be reviewed periodically to ensure they remain competitive.

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