The Collaborative HIA

The Collaborative HIA report gives an updated vision for the sector, and is aimed primarily at providers, but will also inform commissioners and policy makers in local government, health and wellbeing boards, health trusts and clinical commissioning groups.

Home improvement agencies started as housing-specific services, but now encompass wider support elements and are pivotal to general health and wellbeing - so many other things are possible if a person’s home works well for them. Too often the home can become the enemy if it does not offer sufficient comfort, convenience and security. HIAs are now effectively funded as a ’health related service’ and should behave accordingly – they cannot operate in isolation providing a one-off ‘bricks and mortar only’ solution which fails to join up effectively with other complementary services.

The future for HIAs is one of greater collaboration and integration with related services, all concerned with promoting health, wellbeing and independence in the home.

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