Needs analysis

There is a wide range of data available on which to base a robust needs analysis. Public Health England and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health have developed an excellent ‘how to’ guide on producing housing and health profile for your local authority area (or the neighbourhoods contained within it).

This guide will take you through the stages of deciding the housing and health issues that need to be included within your profile, where you can obtain data, how to analyse the information collected, and how to use the profile to enhance policy success and learning within your organisation.

Developing a housing and health profile – a guide

A blank template which you can download and use as the basis for constructing a local profile is also available.

Much of this data may already be available within a local Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA). Public Health Observatories also hold a wealth of data and in some case may also undertake research on your behalf.

Other sources of data include:

Projecting older people population information

Projecting adult needs and service information

Strategic housing for older people - SHOP

Regional data on disability and care among the older population

The Bigger Picture about the needs of the older population

Health and wellbeing in England: a focus on housing

Older people’s health and wellbeing
 profile across local authorities in England

Home-owners and poverty

Another key aspect of needs analysis is mapping existing services and identifying gaps. This is likely to include researching:

  • The range of current providers – public, private and third sector
  • Types of services delivered
  • Location of services by district/local ward
  • Discussions with stakeholders
  • Good practice
  • Early prevention

At Foundations, we have mapped home improvement agency and handyperson services across England and can advise on good practice.