Funding for warmer homes

Our charity Foundations Independent Living Trust operates funds that help deliver great results for vulnerable people:

  • enabling people to feel warm, safe and well in their own homes
  • helping people to feel less socially isolated
  • reducing the risk of going into hospital, for example through trips and falls and cold-related illness
  • enabling people to come home from hospital to a safe and warm home
  • improving peoples’ financial situations, for example through reduced fuel bills

For example - in 2012, with funding from the Department of Health the charity ran the FILT Warm Homes Service, reaching over 6,000 people in the coldest winter months. Evaluation by Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research concluded that “this service made a big and immediate difference to clients’ lives and delivered quick, cheap interventions that may be extremely cost effective in terms of cost savings to the NHS and other sectors”. Read the FILT Warm Homes Executive Summary

FILT funds help people who have a range of conditions: 29% arthritis, 21% respiratory conditions, 20% cardiovascular disease, and people with diabetes, mental health challenges and living with cancer. Around three-quarters have an annual income of up to £16,000. (Source: npower Health Through Warmth Hardship Fund Jan-Dec 2014)

Read some of the personal stories of the people FILT has made a difference for.