Hoarding awareness online courses

Clouds End CIC is the first social enterprise created to work with people who have hoarding issues. It is the foremost training company for Hoarding Awareness training in the UK. Clients are local authorities, housing associations, charities and all those who come into contact with hoarding. The face to face courses are either half day or full day and can train up to 20 people at one time.

Clouds End also provide individual training for those who cannot attend a group session and so it developed the Hoarding Awareness online course which covers the basics for understanding hoarding disorder.

The real key to working with those who hoard is to understand how it might affect you and then how it affects  those who struggle with it. It is a mental disorder, not a lifestyle choice, which is why it is important not to use a punitive approach.

The Complete Hoarding Awareness Course is for anyone who has an interest in, or is currently working with, hoarders and would like to understand hoarding in more detail.

You will learn in-depth knowledge about the condition, how to assess situations, how to understand the client’s needs and work with them to develop their self help plans.

Section 1 (Video): Overview
  • Introduction
  • What Can Cause Hoarding?
  • Types of Hoarders and Hoarding

Section 2 (Video): Overview
  • History of Hoarding
  • Assessing a Hoarding Situation
  • Attitudes to Hoarding

Section 3 (Video): Overview
  • Acquiring
  • Discarding
  • Exercises

Section 4 (Video): Overview
  • Further Techniques
  • Videos

There are handouts that accompany the course which can be requested and sent to you via email. A preview of the course can be watched here.

The course costs £65

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*It requires payment by paypal, but  if this is not possible for your organisation please email Clouds End on help@cloudsend.org.uk and they can raise an invoice – once that is paid you will be given access to the course.