National Conference presentations

The HIA Conference saw nearly 200 members of the housing support sector, 13 leading suppliers and more than 10 speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, all under one roof.

The event was a huge success, offering attendees a great opportunity to establish new connections whilst sharing knowledge and debating the opportunities and challenges facing the sector.

We'd like to thank our sponsors AKW and Stannah for making this event possible. Read more about their services here.

Session 1 - National policy context and the evolution of Disabled Facilities Grant 

This session covered the latest policy updates, including the future of Disabled Facilities Grants and the additional funding that has been made available. It also set out the overall trends in DFG spending and activity over the past 10 years and what changes will arise from the introduction of the BCF and Care Act.

The session also covered the importance of advice and information as part of joined up and collaborative services and the results of the First Stop programme.


Hannah McNamara, Department for Communities and Local Government

John Galvin, Elderly Accommodation Counsel
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Sheila Mackintosh, Mackintosh O’Connor Associates
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Francis Philippa, Foundations
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Session 2 - Manchester Devolution Deal

This session looked at the Greater Manchester partnership which oversees a £6 billion budget to commission health and social care services in order to improve health and wellbeing outcomes.

The session set out what this could mean for HIAs, discussing the opportunities and the threats it may pose.


Lucy Woodbine
, New Economy
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Yvonne McDermott, St Vincent’s Housing Association
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Janette Linacre, Manchester Care & Repair
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Session 4 - Tweak your leaks to double your profits

This brilliantly practical session facilitated by Bryony Thomas gave delegates:

• A clear view on how marketing supports every step of delivering services to your customers, and an understanding of why turning it upside down yields far superior, and repeatable, results.
• A priority action plan with a clear set of priorities and the order in which to address them for fastest results.

Here are the links to Bryony's not-for-profit blog post and a follow-up video.

If you have any questions about the event, please send us an email.