TrustMark: Are you missing out?

TrustMark is the UK's only safe trader scheme with government-endorsed standards. It is now also the largest safe trader scheme and regularly receives in excess of 650,000 visits to its web portal every month.

Foundations is a TrustMark scheme operator for two trade areas – Handypersons and Disabled Adaptations. Many HIAs already benefit from TrustMark membership, and use the additional traffic to their agency generated by their TrustMark web listing to drive new revenue. However, many HIAs are still not taking advantage of this valuable “shop window” for your services, which not only raises your public profile, but also demonstrates to your clients and commissioners that you operate at the forefront of consumer protection.

We are told by TrustMark that the number of enquiries for handyperson services they receive from able-to-pay customers is now at unprecedented levels, but there are still too few providers of such services registered with TrustMark to meet this demand.

We would like to encourage all HIAs to explore the benefits TrustMark can bring, from a web listing visible to a huge able to pay audience, use of TrustMark logos, and access to low-cost Alternative Dispute Resolution in the event of a complaint not being resolved.

Additionally, TrustMark is continually improving its offer, such as its recent agreement with the Trading Standards Institute to have TrustMarked organisations automatically receiving Trading Standards recognition across the country.

Trustmark membership costs only £99 + VAT per year with Foundations, so if you would like to learn more of how you can benefit, please contact Roy McNally on