TrustMark registration

Foundations is a scheme operator for TrustMark, the UK’s only government-backed safe trader scheme. TrustMark operates at the forefront of consumer protection and as such Foundations considers it very important that HIAs are associated with TrustMark to emphasise their high levels of customer protection. Foundations is able to register HIAs with Trustmark in two scheme areas: Handyperson, and Disabled Adaptations (Major Adaptations).

Not only does TrustMark registration provide reassurance to commissioners and customers that their local HIA is a safe and trusted organisation, it also provides a shop-window for its services in front of thousands of able-to-pay customers who may be seeking to privately fund handyperson or more major works in their home. The TrustMark website receives in excess of 0.5 million visits per month from customers seeking safe and trusted services. 

TrustMark membership permits HIAs to be listed on the TrustMark website, be able to use the TrustMark logo on stationery, vehicles etc. Additional benefits of TrustMark membership also include access to low-cost insurance products to guarantee workmanship, and specialist access to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provision.

TrustMark membership helps to ensure HIAs fully comply with the requirements of the new Consumer Rights Act (2015), and EU directive on alternative dispute resolution.    

For more details on TrustMark please contact Roy McNally.