Matt's top tips

  • Multi-tab/window navigation - As HIA Case Manager is a web based system, it will support “multi-tab” or “multi-window” views, which can be opened by right-clicking on a hyperlink (e.g – “New case”) and clicking “open in a new tab”. This means that users can open up multiple links to the system in multiple tabs to allow smooth system navigation and quick and simple access when creating, processing or viewing data.

  • Email alerts – If you are finding it difficult to keep track of your active referrals, then why not enable email alerts on your account – this can be done individually by each user. Just click “Home” - ”My details” and tick the “Notifiable by email” box.


  • Dashboards – As part of our new dashboards standard feature, there are 11 default dashboards within all users' “Home” screen. The order of these dashboards, their content and availability can all be controlled by clicking “Home” and clicking “Manage dashboards” underneath “My profile”. For more information about how to utilise these dashboards please contact the Helpdesk.


  • Case views – Some users may have noticed a small eye icon at the top right-hand middle of the Case details screen. This button allows users to run reports about the case that you are currently viewing which allows for quick case information searches and can be utilised to help in a lot of different situations. (e.g – displaying all case notes in date order, displaying all status changes in date order).