Foundations' workplan

Our services largely focus on enhancing the quality and reach of home improvement agency and handyperson services. Foundations are committed to driving up standards in the home improvement and handyperson sector and providing agencies with the business development tools necessary to identify areas where they will find opportunities for growth and service improvement.
The increase in the Disabled Facilities Grant budget is a real vote of confidence in our sector. Whether you're directly involved with DFGs or not, it will impact upon what you will be commissioned to do in the future. To make the most of this opportunity means that Foundations has to work differently too - to "share the magic" about what works and promote best practice far and wide. We are publishing our work plan so you can see what we're planning to do over the next year.

We would love you to get involved. If there's anything you're interested in please get in touch at or on Twitter @FoundationsHIA #SharingtheMagic