Personal Stories - Mr and Mrs P

Mr and Mrs P first heard about the services delivered by Revival HIA in Stoke-on-Trent during a marketing event. In January 2017 their boiler broke down and they were left with no heating or hot water. Mr P has prolapsed discs, arthritis and suffers from severe mobility issues, being also diabetic. Living in a warm home with access to hot water is crucial for him, as otherwise his condition can quickly deteriorate. The couple own their property, are on a low income and with limited savings, so they contacted Revival HIA to apply for funding for a new boiler.

A caseworker from Revival HIA visited the clients’ home and after assessing their situation, she decided to apply for funding from two programmes run by Foundations Independent Living Trust: npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund and Gas Safe Charity Hardship Scheme, as well as two other charitable funds. The caseworker successfully obtained funding for the amount of £1,468.95, which was necessary to cover the boiler replacement.

A contractor inspected by Revival HIA installed the new boiled for Mrs and Mr P, so now they have a reliable source of heating and hot water. The clients are very pleased with the work done and the support received from Revival HIA, which also included benefits check.

Mrs and Mr P said they had been worried about funding a new boiler, as they did not have the income or savings to pay for one, and they had been without heating and hot water for ten months. The new boiler has improved Mr P’s health as he is now able to keep warm and no longer has to worry about this.

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