HIA Case Manager

System features

Advanced dashboard tools: Individualised and configurable dashboards for staff or external parties (OTs, Commissioners, Contractors etc.)

Client relationship records: Full historic service interaction, client dependencies, and contact preferences

Case recording & progression: Workflow management, appointment/diary coordination, bespoke case actions, and outcome recording

Modules for tailored solutions: Mobile Working App, DFG Module, Outlook Integration, SMS/Emailing, Postcode look-up and more

Electronic documentation:  Grant forms and letters, automatic data merges, personalised company branding

Report management: Quarterly returns, monitor staff case loads, and track budget commitments with ease

What our customers say…

“The main benefit we see with HIA Case Manager is its ability to be tailored to meet our individual need and the fact that it is a modular system allows our requirements to be scaled as our Service grows – for example the Mobile Working Application is something we are very interested for the future as this will allow us to explore having a paperless service in order to save time for staff and general service costs.”

Laura Holmes, Project and Development Officer, Preston Care and Repair

“We are in the process of implementing an internal transformation programme which as a preliminary measure will allow further integration between our Case Manager system and our internal Outlook calendars. As we look at future support systems we will have no hesitation in reviewing those offered by Foundations due to the fact we have found the installation, support and guidance provided invaluable.” 

Carol Smith, Office Manager; Adaptations Team, Southend-on-Sea BC

“We wanted to remove the need for paper form filling and the duplication of information across the various raft of application documents, moving to a fully paperless and mobile working DFG application. Foundations were unerringly helpful and supportive to us in working out what we had to do to reach our goal. They really understood our services, listened to our requirements and were able to explain how this could be achieved. We experienced some technical challenges along the way in creating the forms and publishing them to PDF, but we were able to resolve these either via creative thinking or by Foundations working with the developers to modify Case Manager functions.

The benefits of the new process are already evident and we are looking forward to realising the full extent of the new processes over the coming months. Foundations provided a great service and enabled us to move forward with a paperless, more efficient and customer friendly process. We could not have achieved our goals without them.”

Kate Curran, Manager, Care and Repair Worcestershire